Partner Seller Info

How do you support stream partners?

We give your audience access to buy a cool (we think really cool) product without any hassle or maintenance by you, so you can focus on what you do best – stream! Unlike big online store giants, we want to give you some return on working with us. Partners receive 30% cut of their sales while we take care of printing, shipping, and updating of the store with new stuff.

 Our goal is to get to 50% revenue split for Broadcastick sellers once we get moving and meet our sales goals.

What do you look for in partners?

We look for growing communities and content creators that show an authentic enthusiasm for the streaming platform of their choosing. We want to support communities that support us.

Currently Beta Testing with Partners Only – Hope to add other platforms once we get our sea-legs!

How are the sticker packs produced?

Unlike the big shops, we make all the stickers in-house without a third party vendor. While this isn’t the cheapest route for sticker production, it does allow us to control the quality and speed that all our goods are made. Plus it allows us to own our machines and keep costs low to allow for other cool product offerings in the future.

We talked! How long until my stickers are available for my community?

Depends on what you sent us! If all your artwork is good to go for printing, we will send you some proofs of how they will look/cut out like in a few days. Once you approve them we will print some tests and make some pics for the store before giving you the green light and URL.

TLDR; About 1+ business week. We will let you know if it will take longer etc.

Any other cool perks?

Access to our partner discord – aka gifs for days with admins and other partners

Free packs of your stickers to get started with some giveaways and get your community hyped

SoonTM – Exclusive discount codes for the entire store and Broadcastick merch